Starting next summer 2022 HL92 Soccer Camps will help your kids spend summer days doing what they love - playing soccer! We provide summer soccer camps for all kids between the ages of 5 to 17 years old. ​ Our camps will be the perfect way to get them excited about practicing their ball skills and teamwork.   HL92 player development curriculum will help campers become better ball handlers, passers, shooters, and more! The culture at the camp is different from what you would find anywhere else. The kids Will build friendships that could last a lifetime, from strong leadership skills to character building. The goal of HL92 SUMMER CAMP is to develop each soccer player’s technical, physical, and tactical abilities to reach their potential regardless of skill level. ​ From the first day of camp, participants will learn how to improve themselves by learning different skills and practicing in a safe environment. Experienced soccer players will practice strategies with different game modules aimed to fulfill their potential.


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